Sustainability, hidden truth

Sustainability, hidden truthSustainability seems an old word now. Tom, Jim, Ravi, Kamala, amma, appa, each and everyone talks about it. The word Sustainability is Fashion now. People try to be sustainable, they try so hard sharing someone else photographs on facebook and twitter, giving free ideas to others on sustainability. I am happy that people are trying so hard to be sustainable, but what they forget is – what they really have to do is not to try, they have to practice sustainability.

Sustainability is not a big badhaaa magic to do, it’s just a simple lifestyle followed by our great grandparents everywhere around the world. They lived a normal life style which was sustainable by itself. They had cows to get milk from, now a day’s we get milk in plastic covers. They grow vegetables in home and ate healthy food which made them live longer and stronger, why are we not doing it – because we don’t grow vegetables anymore at home.

Just because we don’t have cows or we don’t grow vegetables anymore at home, we are not going to harm mother earth to a big extent. So where’s the starting point for destruction?

Tracking back decades, why are we not growing vegetables anymore, why are we running out of space at homes, why is air polluted, why is earth in such a mess. One reason we could figure is the Industrial revolution that took place, Designers of those days dint think that whatever they designed can ruin the earth at later stage. They were so busy building ships that throwed waste into sea and left gas in the air that polluted, factories that again polluted, Trees was cut for papers, animals were killed for products, we started living a lie. When industrial revolution took place people wanted to make more money, villagers had lot of job Opportunities, they thought it was good for them, they were offered money. They were willing to relocate to places where they started working with families. Cities started developing around them with schools, malls and everything. Who takes care of villages now, agriculture was losing its grip, Lands were emptied for factories, tree’s were cut and much more.

When plastics was invented it was all made from organic polymers like egg shells etc., but because of some selfish chemical factories plastics took a totally different shape in 1950’s after world war 1. What do we do now, we cant do anything, plastics are out everywhere in air, sea, water, landfills. And we talk about bio-degradable plastics today – We are again in circles.

So ultimately we can see one thing. Sustainability is not something new, it was a lifestyle followed already and we have to follow them again. Obviously we cannot stop running factories but still if each and everyone of us start consuming less and take individual responsibilities for a sustainable lifestyle. We can make earth a better living place for our future generations.
How to practice sustainable lifestyle on my next blog.



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  1. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know
    so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that,
    this is excellent blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely
    be back.

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