Gods vs Tradition

20130804-PIK_0969INDIA one of the earliest civilization, and what do we see here?
What exactly is happening? India is filled with lot of Gods and tons of superstitious beliefs. What you see here is one of them. There are some auspicious months in Tamil calendar and this is called Aadi festival falls between mid-July to mid-August.
People who have faith in God carry God idols on their head walk around the streets, people get blessings from the humans who carry the God. Mebbe it was a practice in old days, but I feel today its more like for the sake of doing it.


Why would I say its for the sake of doing it? What does this photograph say
A guy wearing colorful garlands?
Smoke coming from plate?
People watching them?
One guy talking on phone?
You can see youngsters here, I am happy that they are following Indian traditions, they have faith in what they are doing but my question is why do you need a mobile phone when you are doing a service to god?

may be Lord is on call I guess – winks …

Apart from these there was this musical band leading the people who carried God to the temple.

India Tradition

People performing rituals for the human who carried god

 20130804-PIK_0966  20130804-PIK_0962  20130804-PIK_0977
 20130804-PIK_0976  20130804-PIK_0974  20130804-PIK_0975

Apart from all these, he caught my attention suddenly

India potraitWe are talking about tradition, culture, faith look at him, look at his mustache his clothing, that’s the tradition we need to follow and the legacy we need to leave.


These shots were captured on my street – 2013 Aadi festival


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