One mistake and Sustainability is totally faked

Today I attended a Panel Discussion of 8 speakers from various sectors – Medical to Waste collector to Computer geek to Renewable energy expert to a Professor and so. It was nice, 5 of them really made an amazing speech about sustainability. It was great to know that these type of panel discussions are happening in colleges and its really good to create awareness among people but what they failed is they dint implement it right I mean the people who arranged the panel discussion about sustainability Development. Will reveal what was the mistake soon.

Discussion started with these, Sustainability is a question?  What they tried to convey in the introduction was Design plays a major role. Corporate sectors should have 2 things mandatory and they are corporate sustainability n social responsibility. Many corporate sections mix the two concepts, they say sustainability and sponsor NGOs who are completely not related to sustainable activity. They should design and implement in such a way “ Prosperity should come with Peace “ which is the Triple bottom line “Profit, People, Planet”.

The discussion passed to a Recycling promoter in Chennai Mr.Mathew Jose who is the CEO of Paperman.  Paperman is the guy who will collect the waste from your home and recyle. He spoke about recycling, he explained recying in a much simpler way to the audience which was impressive and interactive. He also mentioned only 20 percent of waste is sent to recycle providers, we throw rest of them in dump.

Here again a question rises ? why are we in a state to Recycle because we are using things which are not degradable and which hurts the environment.  Where does the solution lie, its within us …

So the first step is to Reuse whatever we have already bought.

Second step is to Reduce the quantity of things we buy, there is a beautiful word in English dictionary called NEED. Only if we meet the word NEED we have to buy new. That saves us money and we are in control of waste management.

Third Step the final step is to recycle. Now you have reused your product again and again, you have bought only what you needed and still you have waste left. When you feel as an individual you can’t do anything with it then RECYCLE comes in.


If we follow these three steps Reuse – Reduce – Recycle we can make the world a better place for our future generations and personal satisfaction and happiness guaranteed. Trust me I never use to think about all these now I started practicing sustainability and I really enjoy doing it plus it makes me feel good. These can be done as an individual, how about the sectors like big corporate companies who use lot of energy, electronics, resources and much more.

Mr. Prakash from Symantec corporation took over the discussion. He said every corporate sector should share the work resources one can use and take corporate sustainability to next level. He also mentioned how Google came up with the concept of floating helium balloons over rural India for internet connectivity so there is no fiber optic cables involved. He also mentioned cloud computing should be considered in corporate sectors.

Apart from individual to corporate companies , there are many among us who do so many things related to sustainability. Mr. Raja Manuel Muthayya from Energy Alternatives India gave a small introduction to sustainability and he mentioned few people who are using resources around them to make business and adding a great value to sustainability like a group is growing seaweeds in deep sea and they are making lot of useful products out of them. He also mentioned about Exnora who make beautiful upcycled plastic products and compost from waste, a person who made solar lanterns, a person who made prepaid electricity card services where electricity was used little which made people very conscious about using energy so they dint waste it. Lot more we can talk about people who are working on stuffs like these …

At the end after all the sustainability talking and the sustainability panel discussion, what I found was 14 plastic water bottles for 9 people on the table. What they should have done is they should have kept water in steel tumblers by which they could have avoided 14 plastic bottles gone to waste. That again proves some people really talk about Sustainability because that’s fashion for them. What I would like to suggest is you don’t have to be 100 % sustainable but try to reduce the usage that will be more than enough we can do. If every individual follows this, waste will automatically be reduced to a great extent and we will recycle very little.


Thank you for reading my Blog.


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