invisible carbon footprint in clothes

carbonfp_clothingWe say we deal with a lot of waste in our everyday life and we all know they are paper and plastics mostly. What we miss is that the clothes we wear are also not sustainable, they leave quite a lot of carbon footprint because of the fabric materials we use and the process to make that raw material into fine clothing, the dyes used in clothing and when we throw that clothing it does harm the environment.

What we do with old clothes?

We tear them into pieces and use them to clean utensils or vehicles. Better use of that can be given to poor people.

Value Village by Myriam Laroche is a non-profit organization dedicated to stimulating the growth and development of sustainable practices in the fashion/clothing industry. Value Village store run by her is a thrift store where people can shop & donate high quality second hand merchandise. By this Myriam Laroche is trying to make the designers and manufacturers aware of the sustainability clothing and practices among them. People who can’t afford branded clothing or designer wear are able to get those for very little cost from value village.

shopping_promo1Value village works with nonprofit partners who contact people in the community like us to ask for donations of reusable clothing and household items. Value village then pay nonprofit partners based on the number of boxes and bags of merchandise we deliver to them. Additionally, they also pay them for donations their customers deliver directly to their stores via their Community Donation Centers. From there, Value village staff sorts through the donations to select the highest quality reusable items then prices and displays them.

“Customers enjoy the best selection of merchandise of any thrift store in the world. Donors feel great about making a difference. And nonprofits get reliable funding for their programs that benefit your local community. What a great way to pay it forward. “ says Value village


We are all Nature lovers from when ??

suseum umadotc I know we all love Nature – Trees, plants and animals .. But can you close your eyes and think for a moment from when ..

I can help you. Being brought up in cities we all have a mechanical timed life where we run for lot of things, we live in an environment where we cut down trees and build apartments, slowly we grow up and hit a saturation point and look back at society ” what a mess have we made “. Trees and plants are important we figured it out lately. so we set up garden at homes and be little thankful to them.

At Suseum – The Sustainability Museum we have such a beautiful vertical garden and we found that a pigeon had laid an egg which made us really happy. Initially when we set up garden we never thought this would happen. we were very sure that pigeons will enjoy but this is lovely. we are thanked by Nature

Time to grow more plants and Summer is coming. Did i forgot we have to set up Bird Feeds 🙂

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