We are all Nature lovers from when ??

suseum umadotc I know we all love Nature – Trees, plants and animals .. But can you close your eyes and think for a moment from when ..

I can help you. Being brought up in cities we all have a mechanical timed life where we run for lot of things, we live in an environment where we cut down trees and build apartments, slowly we grow up and hit a saturation point and look back at society ” what a mess have we made “. Trees and plants are important we figured it out lately. so we set up garden at homes and be little thankful to them.

At Suseum – The Sustainability Museum we have such a beautiful vertical garden and we found that a pigeon had laid an egg which made us really happy. Initially when we set up garden we never thought this would happen. we were very sure that pigeons will enjoy but this is lovely. we are thanked by Nature

Time to grow more plants and Summer is coming. Did i forgot we have to set up Bird Feeds 🙂



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