Lucky to get an IPAD & Unlucky to give it to Owner

apple-ipad-landscape-keyboardWe all love things we get something just like that on floor. It was a big event and i was handling a STALL in the event and i got  a brand new IPAD just like that, someone left it on my desk by mistake. I dint know who was the owner of IPAD was and i thought WOW if no one asks i can have it for me. I got this IPAD in the morning and afternoon lunch time i told my friend, some one left this on the desk i dont even know who the person is, we were like flying cos i was planning to buy an IPAD for last 4 months plus but i was not able to because my salary wasnt paid was last 4 months and i had no money. we were like wow – if no one enquires its ours.

We both were talking about it and suddenly after lunch a person came and told me he lost his IPAD and is there a chance i saw any ?

I was like sad inside and asked him ” how do i know its yours ”

he told me ” its grey IPAD ”

then i told him to unlock to believe its his IPAD, he unlcoked it and geez he was so happy that he got back his IPAD. his eye balls went big , face changed color and he was like totally happy like as if he was getting his life back .

He offered me a HUG twice which i politely refused, He offered us a treat many times which also we politely refused. I told him keep it safe , register in apple mydevices and note down IMEI number.

At the end , now i have to wait for my company to put salary to buy something thats mine ..


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