Upcycling Ferrero Rocher Wraps and old Bulb

Upcycle itWaste management is something that runs in my mind most of the time where ever I go and whatever I do and I believe most of us have the same feeling. I try to reduce waste and reuse it often – I avoid throwing waste and keep collecting most of them. That way I saved these chocolate wraps and this old bulb. Today I had a power problem and I thought I will play with the light that lighted my room and the chocolate wraps I got it as a gift.

This Ferrero Bulb vase is very easy to do. We have seen images shared in google with plants growing in them, im not sure whether plants can really grow in them or not but im sure flowers I made with Ferrero wrap will last longer and watering not needed.

Upcycle Ferrero Rocher wrap and bulb vase

Upcycle Ferrero Rocher wrap and bulb vase

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