Really? Happy Childrens day

Hello ..

A good day today and I am at home checking facebook and the updates are mostly kids photographed at homes with all fancy texts “ Happy Children’s day “

I will give an LOL for that


Kids are not playing outdoor; their lifestyle is so sophisticated that they are inside their homes playing with Ipad and Television. I have heard Steve jobs never let his kids play on IPAD. These technologies were developed by adults for adults and not for children. Parents to be blamed, to make their life easier they give all the fancy gadgets to kids so that they sit quite for some time.
World is changing. Future of kids is not bright. All kids will be obese and wearing glasses if they continue playing indoor and stop playing outdoor.
Look at these kids faces, look how happy they are.
Are the smiles of kids playing indoor is the same ?? If so then “ HAPPY CHILDRENS DAY “


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