I am no different – how did I become one ? Thanks to the society


We are not born with a manual to live life exactly the way what it’s meant to be,We are what our life experiences are. It’s often amazing how one little experience can change our life and perceptions totally. I’m in my late twenties and I was moulded by society to be different as I was not born different. Lemme share you one incident.

I was born to parents in India who were not educated and who had very less knowledge in bringing up kids as they were brought up in an environment where they had to hide behind doors to take a look at their own father. My parents were working and we were out in school and tuition all the time, We spent very little time with them, they did tried their best in taking us one week summer vacation every year which was not enough. I had a sibling problem which they were not able to figure out which made me to remain silent, lonely and reserved at home and outside. Kids at 3 years they long for touch and affection from parents, if they don’t get it their psyche changes to turn out to be stubborn and rebellious. I grew up trying to break my shell outside the home which resulted in doing things I like . It’s happiness isn’t it to do freely what u want to do. I had a short hair with bangs, I still wonder what made my teacher hate my hair style. She never liked me for that maybe she was jealous god knows..

Talking about how one incident can change our life, here comes one of my own story. I was in my 10th std and me with my other two friends were talking to guy who was not our school on the road way back home. Chat went for hours and unfortunately we were talking near Play teachers house. Monday the moment she entered school first thing she did was she pulled me and my friends to the principal office. Three of us were talking and we three did same mistake but I was the only one punished why ? I’m still puzzled may be because I was energetic, short hair with bangs, fair, I had a different cycle – geez I don’t know. I’m a good student who was scoring good with no black marks in record.

All I can think is the psychology of that teacher was the problem. She was a normal Play school teacher who just takes us to ground to play and exercise, she wanted attention in school, one way is to pull a story like this and make it a big discussion to talk about her. At the end Principal called only my dad and complained about me, my poor dad changed my school that year from Matriculation to a state board trustee school which was for girls. It was an humiliating experience for me as All my friends from matriculation school dint talk or include me in their group as I was considered to be someone of low class because I was from a trustee school. My entire life changed after that, I was depressed badly and I never spoke to my parents for 2 years. No on was able to figure out what my problem was. I promised my parents that I will not study and fail my public exams and yes I did failed like I promised.

It was just one incident which ruined my studies, because I failed in school I dint get to go to a good college and because of that – because of that lot of chained things happened which was always struggles. Point I’m trying to make here is that we all make mistakes, our mind plays a major role – I broke my shell by doing things what I like and what I want.

People like us are – it’s what who we are – we are made up by this society and we don’t follow its rules. We do bother at times, we do don’t care, we find happiness in little things, we fail, we get hurt but at the end we stand out in crowd because we think different and we act different. Being normal is boring as the quotes say and we embrace the change, we find company in ourself and we are very curious in what’s happening around us ..

“” Do not walk in the way with them, hold back your foot from their paths “”

So next time when you meet people who are little different, tag along you may have a different experience in life.



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