Easy 1 Minute DIY – Ear rings from Keyboard ewaste

By generating an astounding 1.85 million tonnes of ewaste annually, India has become the fifth biggest ewaste producing country in the world. When electronics end up in landfills, toxics like lead, mercury, and cadmium enter into the soil and water. The ewaste problem is huge all over the world, more than 20 million tons of ewaste are produced every year.

We as an individual can reduce our carbon footprint by not throwing e-waste into the landfills. We can search for the recycling provider around our locality and give it to them or we can start reusing them in creative ways.

This Easy 1 Minute DIY video will show you how to make ear rings from waste keyboard buttons. Kindly Subscribe to my YouTube channel for future updates.


Steps: http://upcycleit.in/easy-1-minute-diy-ear-rings-from-keyboard-ewaste/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/dot.cycle | Community: facebook.com/groups/theupcycleit

Website: http://www.upcycleit.in


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