Different approach to fight malnutrition

Similar initiative - INDIA


India: http://www.thebetterindia.com/46267/tricolour-india-nutrition-food-good-health-jharkhand/

Srilanka Initiative: http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/feature/2017/05/01/smartphones-for-smarter-nutrition-in-sri-lanka?cid=ECR_E_NewsletterWeekly_EN_EXT&utm_source=World+Bank+Group+Weekly+Update&utm_campaign=ef00838770-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_05_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fdb041ef28-ef00838770-44048293




Making a difference through #CAMPDAY



When you buy a coffee on Camp Day, you’re not just helping to send a kid to camp. You’re doing so much more!

You are helping low-income kids build essential life skills, change their lives in a positive way and make their futures bright.


Sustainable Fashion – Upcycled Ring

upcycle it


Chocolate Wraps

Packaging industry is a huge industry which involves a lot of plastic for packaging,, wrapping and much more. When a manufacturer makes a product, the product is finally delivered to the end user which is us ” The People “. We buy a lot of products every day from the time we wake up till we goto sleep like milk covers, cereals, grains, chocolates to our super market visit and much more. We buy totally new plastic package from the seller and throw it in the DUMP after using it. We do play a role in the global pollution and its time for us to realize and make as much as maximum reuse we can do with the product. upcycle it

This ring is made from the left over chocolate wrapper’s. Chocolate wrappers are folded, rolled and glued together to make this high fashioned sustainable fashion Ring.

Hope we all can come with more ideas. Do write to us at upcycle.it.all@gmail.com or share us your upcycled image / photographs to showcase in website and Facebook ..

upcycle itWebsite : www.upcycleit.in

Facebook : www.facebook.com/dot.cycle

E-Waste Keyboard scrap Jewellery

upcycle it chennai
E-Waste are waste discarded from electronic items and 25 percent of e-waste is from computers in India. 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year. All these e-waste produces immense amount of toxic waste when incinerated. We throw away phones which has got valuable metals in it and thats why we get more recycling value on Apple phones. Its better to reuse products as much as we can before throwing it in the dump. Reusing / Upcycling saves the product from ending up in trash and it helps in reducing the carbon foot print of that particular product.

Upcycle it will try to find solutions for the product to not end in trash. Here is a choker made from e-waste keyboard scrap. we all have that non working keyboards once in a while and they can serve as many uses when they are dismantled. I have made one jewellery out of them. Lot more upcycled products made with that one keyboard are on the way.

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Really? Happy Childrens day

Hello ..

A good day today and I am at home checking facebook and the updates are mostly kids photographed at homes with all fancy texts “ Happy Children’s day “

I will give an LOL for that


Kids are not playing outdoor; their lifestyle is so sophisticated that they are inside their homes playing with Ipad and Television. I have heard Steve jobs never let his kids play on IPAD. These technologies were developed by adults for adults and not for children. Parents to be blamed, to make their life easier they give all the fancy gadgets to kids so that they sit quite for some time.
World is changing. Future of kids is not bright. All kids will be obese and wearing glasses if they continue playing indoor and stop playing outdoor.
Look at these kids faces, look how happy they are.
Are the smiles of kids playing indoor is the same ?? If so then “ HAPPY CHILDRENS DAY “

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