Municipal Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas

Uthiramerur is a panchayat town in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Uthiramerur deals with the municipal solid waste management by doing source segregation and also maximizing utilization of municipal solid waste.

I visited this facility a month ago, which is quite impressive. Its set up in a prominent location where everyone will have a sneak peek at this facility. Upcycled decors and placed everywhere in an around the facility which will make the people to visit the facility.

Waste collection is done by two processes. They are primary and secondary processes. The primary process includes the door to door collection and the secondary collection is the collection boxes in the corner of each street.

Detailed information about the effective municipal solid waste management followed at Uthiramerur can be found here:


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Easy 1 Minute DIY – Ear rings from Keyboard ewaste

By generating an astounding 1.85 million tonnes of ewaste annually, India has become the fifth biggest ewaste producing country in the world. When electronics end up in landfills, toxics like lead, mercury, and cadmium enter into the soil and water. The ewaste problem is huge all over the world, more than 20 million tons of ewaste are produced every year.

We as an individual can reduce our carbon footprint by not throwing e-waste into the landfills. We can search for the recycling provider around our locality and give it to them or we can start reusing them in creative ways.

This Easy 1 Minute DIY video will show you how to make ear rings from waste keyboard buttons. Kindly Subscribe to my YouTube channel for future updates.



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Eco-friendly cards

Eco-friendly consultants are sure to turn green with envy when they see Andrea Romani’s brilliant Ecological Business Card design. The concept consists of a simple stamp that can be used to print contact information upon virtually any recycled material. The clever concept is economical and not only cuts down on manufacturing costs and energy waste, but also re-uses materials that are already on the road to being tossed away




Some Products aren’t Green; but worth trying


We know we are a problem to the environment. We have made whatever we can and did our best to put an end to the pretty looking environment. If at all the polluted air can talk, crying ice can express, garbage seas can spit back; we are still at their Mercy. Our problem lies in the creations we made; it is in the DESIGN of anything that’s created so far. Products are not designed to be green, materials used are not nature friendly, and environment was never kept in mind when we designed anything for our needs. We were so busy blending with the industrial revolution and we ultimately didn’t give a thought about its after effects.

We are used to a particular lifestyle in which some non-degradable materials are a must to use in designing anything.

  • Aren’t we used to cars? Though we know cars pollute and it got batteries that are extremely Toxic
  • Aren’t we used to the packaging industry? We ask for one more plastic cover at supermarkets
  • Aren’t we used to the formal corporate environment, where leather shoes and bags are must?
  • Aren’t we used to computer, fancy mobile phones which uses more earth’s rare materials, tablets etc.,

We can keep pointing out…

We can never be 100 % Sustainable. Thanks to our lifestyle and comfort zone but we can change our lifestyle to an extent where we leave a lesser carbon foot print.

Solution to a lesser carbon foot print lies in the hands of Designers and mentality of people to adapt the change. For next couple of decades we can use partial eco-friendly products and slowly change to 100% sustainable ones. Even manufacturers need a timeline for making green innovations. 100 % eco-friendly products don’t happen over a midnight.

This generation needs to accept the change so the younger generation sees their parents and follow the same lifestyle. So let’s not mock at whatever green products available, they may be 50 % eco-friendly but let’s start using them and encourage the designers and manufactures to make a gradual change in the clean environment.

Please share your thoughts on the same .

Sustainable Fashion – Upcycled Ring

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Chocolate Wraps

Packaging industry is a huge industry which involves a lot of plastic for packaging,, wrapping and much more. When a manufacturer makes a product, the product is finally delivered to the end user which is us ” The People “. We buy a lot of products every day from the time we wake up till we goto sleep like milk covers, cereals, grains, chocolates to our super market visit and much more. We buy totally new plastic package from the seller and throw it in the DUMP after using it. We do play a role in the global pollution and its time for us to realize and make as much as maximum reuse we can do with the product. upcycle it

This ring is made from the left over chocolate wrapper’s. Chocolate wrappers are folded, rolled and glued together to make this high fashioned sustainable fashion Ring.

Hope we all can come with more ideas. Do write to us at or share us your upcycled image / photographs to showcase in website and Facebook ..

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Upcycling Ferrero Rocher Wraps and old Bulb

Upcycle itWaste management is something that runs in my mind most of the time where ever I go and whatever I do and I believe most of us have the same feeling. I try to reduce waste and reuse it often – I avoid throwing waste and keep collecting most of them. That way I saved these chocolate wraps and this old bulb. Today I had a power problem and I thought I will play with the light that lighted my room and the chocolate wraps I got it as a gift.

This Ferrero Bulb vase is very easy to do. We have seen images shared in google with plants growing in them, im not sure whether plants can really grow in them or not but im sure flowers I made with Ferrero wrap will last longer and watering not needed.

Upcycle Ferrero Rocher wrap and bulb vase

Upcycle Ferrero Rocher wrap and bulb vase

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